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Nature's Bond® Premium Breast Pump Pack with Accessories

  • $122.99

Nature’s Bond Premium Breast Pump Pack will allow you to nurture your baby. Personal use electric breast pump offers convenience and reliability for new moms.



  • Designed with 2 pumping modes.
  • Airlock design helps protect breast milk and baby from bacteria, mold and viruses while pumping.
  • Capable of single and double pumping.
  • Lightweight and portable for added convenience.
  • BPA-free.
  • AC Power Adapter.
  • Kit comes equipped with shoulder tote bag and milk storage cooler bag.


  • 4 milk collection bottles with lock-tight sealing lids.
  • 2 tubes with connection valves.
  • 4 caps.
  • 6 batteries.
  • 3 breast shield sizes: 80mm, 76mm and 74mm.