FootFlexor AFO Foot Drop Brace

  • $59.99


Comfortable: The FootFlexor is a dynamic aid for individuals with foot drop and similar conditions that require dorsal flexion support. When properly maintained and used, the FootFlexor helps improve walking, increases confidence in walking ability, and helps reduce the incidence of falls. Unlike standard AFOs, this assistive device does not require an oversized shoe.
Easy to use: The FootFlexor can be used with any normal pair of lace shoes. Simply put on your shoe, wrap a FootFlexor around your ankle, attach the straps to the eyelet hooks on your shoe and you're ready to go! Fully Adjustable: The FootFlexor has been designed for adjustability. The cuff fits all ankle sizes. The bungee can be tuned to the desired tension and can be attached in different locations on your shoe to increase or decrease lateral support.


  • The ultimate mobility solution for people with foot drop
  • Allows foot to perform naturally as you walk
  • Works with any lace-up shoe or boot
  • Soft and comfortable improvement to rigid AFO
  • Durable, easy to use, and fully adjustable