About Us

ATP Resources LLC is a medical equipment development and distribution company. We are focused on creating mobility solutions for people. Creating products that adapt to our users and improves their lives is what drives us.

This company began out of necessity as its founder, Jacob Linzenbold, did not have his mobility needs met by the products that are currently on the market. While he went through rehab and used multiple mobility aids, nothing sufficed in providing freedom in a safe manner.

After suffering multiple injuries using these devices, it was time to design a device that met his needs and the needs of people with a variety of conditions. By addressing key areas, such as stability, safety, comfort, efficiency, and gait pattern, we can create mobility products that meet our users' most important needs. Allowing users to progress out of our products is key to improving their quality of life.

As we move forward, bringing about meaningful change is of the utmost importance. Helping someone regain their mobility gives them the freedom that they've lost or never had. This improves not only their lives but brings about positive change for their families and communities. We want to accompany on your mobility journey because no one should have to go it alone.