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InTENSity EX4 Professional Series with Therapy Cart

  • $1,999.95
  • Save $800

Four channel electrotherapy clinical device with professional therapy cart. Equipped with a menu-driven color screen interface that intuitively groups and displays comprehensive clinical protocols as well as user-defined manual operation.  

The four channel electrotherapy device has a multi-patient function providing the ability to treat up to four patients at once for maximum practice usage.  

Includes a favorites feature allowing clinicians to store up to 99 custom programs for future use.

Multiple waveforms include biphasic (TENS), NMS, IFC-4P/IFC-2P (Premodulated), Russian, High Volt Pulsed Current (HVPC), Microcurrent (including therapy cart) with clinical protocols and multi-patient functions to include appropriate parameters to treat a variety of acute and chronic conditions.

Parameters can be easily selected and adjusted in the comprehensive library that provides treatment education and suggested electrode placement.  Each device comes with a patient remote button enabling patients to stop treatment if needed while the clinician is in another room.  Therapy cart organizes each leadwire with the front panel organizer to minimize tangling of each lead wire. 

Comes complete with Therapy Cart, 2 packs of Axelgaard 2" x 2" and 2" x 3.5" self-adhesive electrodes, one pack of 3" x 5" Axelgaard electrode (for High Volt therapy), rubber/carbon electrodes, four elastic rubber electrode placement straps, lead wires for all four channels,  medical grade (UL Listed) power cord, patient kill switch, instruction manual, quick start guide and an electronic manual.

Three year warranty


Electrotherapy Guide

Electrode Placement Guide


NOTE: Class II - Rx Required

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