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Foot Flexor AFO Foot Drop Support

Core Products FootFlexor Product Description The FootFlexor AFO Foot Drop Brace from Core Products is an ankle foot orthotic (AFO) that aids individuals with foot drop and other conditions that require dorsal flexion support. This brace is fully adjustable for size and force, allowing users of varying sizes and needs to utilize this product. Personal Experience I have been using an AFO for the last few years while rehabbing from a spinal cord injury. As with many pieces of adaptive equipment, the AFO was bulky, rigid, expensive and just plain uncomfortable. At the beginning of this year, I found out about the FootFlexor and decided to try it out. Being excited to use this product, I just put it on...

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Product Reviews

Hello This blog will be a place for us to provide product reviews and other pieces of original content. These reviews will be based off of experiences that we have had, whether it is of a rehabilitative or performance nature. Our staff has a varied background and we feel that our reviews can help you decide on products that can be beneficial to your clients.  Check back frequently as we hope to be able to provide in depth reviews of products that have made a difference in our lives, whether it is through rehabilitation, sports performance or overall well-being. Thank You for visiting ATP Resources. We strive to create value for you in any way possible.

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